Thursday, 1 September 2016



before the old hall
with its roof and walls
of corrugated iron
got burnt down and
the nice new war
memorial hall took
its place
we went to see a
movie there the
only time
i think
set in Hawai'i
a paradise of palm
trunks in windy shadow
ocean hissing with
foam that lingered on
into white sand on the
pullback of wave
in such a place
a story i could make
neither head nor tail of
a man in a floral shirt
was shot in the gut
in a shouted argument
under those windy
palms in the flicker
by of sun and shade
crying out that he
was fading hands on
his belly cupped full
of blood bleeding
into paradise
and i felt it the
loss of the day and
the bright waves
sharp as coral
in the hearing
and felt the crime
of our making tripping
us at the root
so that even here
in paradise we were
not safe and could
turn on each other
at the drop of a hat
and drive each
other out of
the sun-fed garden
in anger and even that
was not enough still
the heat of word
could ask for
and take

            september - october 2, 2014

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