Monday, 4 July 2016

that god

that god

if we must
show god
to another
we need a
god of not kill
not a god of kill
a god that washes
hands of us like
filth when we
kill in that god's
name do anything
in that god's name
but embrace
lift each other
upward from collision
a god that disowns
us when we take
that god's name and
enscribe it on bullet
or executioner's
we need a god
of clear and deep
common sense
a god of no flag
no battalion
who makes it
known that
this god sits
in any structure
where hopes and
flowers are stacked
at that god's altar
a god just
that little bit
harder on us
a stickler to the
letter of the law
of love

                                    november 2015

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