Saturday, 18 June 2016

square of earth - IV

Square of Earth

In ancient Chinese cosmology the earth was symbolised by a square and heaven by a circle.  Each of these four pieces ( 'corner songs' I call them) in the ‘Square of Earth’ represent an emotional variation on the theme of my leaving Beijing after living there 13 years to return to New Zealand. They also reflect my taking the moods of any leaving as simply a rehearsal for the great final departure.

                                    Square of Earth – IV

this is the corner song of thankfulness

            putting it on

such dry
winters these
years i never
even thought
to see it
before leaving
the garden
this morning
bare branch
cypress pine
pencilled in
dark under
a miniature
in the look
of its fineness
high up snow
driving down
out of its
birth in
the grey
lower down
pushing pushing
this way and
that on the air
flakes that
bounced apart
into crystals on
the back of
my glove
soaking into
my woolen hat
this old lady
cranky with
with traffic
put it all
aside this
put on this
rain of quiet
for me the
stun of grey
rooves laid
white letting
me know we're
quits in the
best of

                        december 2011

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